Pregnancy Week by Week

Week 6 of Pregnancy


You may find that your body is changing to create the most favorable conditions for the development of the baby:

– mammary glands increase, the nipples and areoles darken and become more sensitive. This is due to increased blood circulation, as well as increased production of the hormone prolactin, which prepares the mammary glands for feeding the unborn child;

– level of progesterone is growing. Progesterone is necessary for the protection of your body and the development of your baby;

– process of metabolism increases, therefore the thyroid gland may increase in size. If the level of TSH hormone deviates from the norm, you should consult an endocrinologist;

– you still feel weak and sleepy, mood swings and irritability;

– morning sickness may increase.

Morning sickness may be caused by an attack of nausea and vomiting by a strong smell, the sight of food thinking about it. If you full of strength and energy, have a good appetite and do not feel any changes, do not worry, because every woman carries pregnancy differently.

Your Body at Week 6


– you need to exclude alcohol from your diet and a sweet soda;

– you need to reduce using of caffeine, fried, fatty, smoked food, canned food, and semi-finished products.

– your baby is developing fast and needs enough protein, fat, carbohydrates and other nutrients;

– the diet must include dairy products, vegetables, fruits, nuts, as well as eggs, meat, fish and seafood;

– natural juices and still water are preferred;

– your baby’s circulatory and nervous system is actively formed, that means you need to include in your diet products, rich in folates, phosphorus, calcium, fluorine, B and E vitamins in your diet.

Symptoms to watch out for:

– If your previous pregnancies were interrupted at an early stage or if there are serious diseases, it is necessary to see a doctor from at the beginning of pregnancy.  This will help you to preserve the long-awaited pregnancy and successfully carry the baby;

– you should beware of any colds and infectious diseases. Any of these diseases can lead to the development of congenital pathologies and fetal abnormalities;

– aching pain in the lower abdomen, bloody or purulent discharge may indicate both the development of infectious disease and the risk of spontaneous termination of pregnancy. Be attentive!


– the height  of your future baby is 3-4 mm;

– your baby’s cardiovascular system continues to form. His tiny heart is beating at 150 beats per minute, which is twice as fast as yours. By the way, the baby’s heartbeat can already be determined by using an ultrasound.

– hands and feet of your baby have started to form;

– there is an active formation of cartilage tissue, which will eventually form the tendons, muscles, and bones of the unborn child;

– the formation of the chest begins, as well as the division of the abdominal and thoracic cavity;

– the beginnings of the digestive and excretory systems are laid, the liver, stomach, pancreas, lungs, as well as the thymus, begin to form;

– one of the most important events of this period is the beginning of the formation of your baby’s brain. By the middle of the week, both hemispheres will be formed;

– taking folic acid during this period of pregnancy will help the proper formation of the brain and nervous system of the embryo;

– the baby’s face begins to form — the beginnings of the ear shells, nose, and eyes of the future baby are laid.

Your Baby at Week 6

Week 7 Of Pregnancy

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