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Baby Shower Makeup – Top 5 Popular Makeup Styles

What is a Baby Shower?

A baby shower is basically a party that is tossed to celebrate the approaching birth of a brand-new baby. It’s also a way for family and friends to help the brand-new moms and dads get whatever they need.

An infant shower is among the most essential occasions of your life. For it’s your time to rise and show off that child bump to the world. With all the preparations going on, what to use for the infant shower need to definitely weigh on your mind. It is vital that your gown, your hair, your jewelry, your shoes, and above all, your baby shower makeup, all be ideal. And why not, it is your infant shower after all! So if you’re planning to go for it, we have simply the suggestions to help you.

Your Baby Shower Outfit 

Whether you’re the mom-to-be or a guest, determining what to wear, how to do your makeup, and the best hairstyle for the occasion is no simple task. Fortunately, we have actually done the work for you

What you wear to your infant shower is everything about where it occurs, so remember from our breakdown listed below.

If it’s at somebody’s home …

think about wearing something a little more casual. At the end of the day, it’s your baby shower, so while you’ll want to be a little dressed up, there’s no need to dress up as much as you would for a baby shower at a fancier venue. A cotton sundress or maxi gown will suffice for this intimate affair.

If it’s at a restaurant …

you can take things up a notch. Think about a dress that has a dressier cut or fabric, like satin or velour. You can likewise dress up your appearance with accessories-break out your best precious jewelry!

If it’s outdoors …

you’ll want to be comfortable and dressed for the weather. Consider the time of year, as you will not wish to invest a long period of time outdoors if you aren’t wearing the ideal attire! If it’s fall, go with leggings, an adorable sweater, and a jean jacket to keep things adorable and cozy. If it’s spring or summer, you can rock a casual dress and comfy shoes.

Your Baby Shower Makeup 

Now that you understand what to wear to your baby shower, it’s time for the perfect makeup! Follow the actions listed below.

Color scheme

Traditionally, the color scheme contains pastel tones. Neon bright colors or too dark shades are better saved for another occasion.
It is important that you have not just a beautiful makeup, but also a chic dress and interesting hairstyle. Ideally, it should be a well-maintained style, where all the elements of the image are tightly and elegantly intertwined with each other, like the branches of an old Apple tree.

Choosing makeup, start not only from the color of the dress but also from the shade of hair. Light or dark shade of hair will help you decide on warm and cold tones in makeup.
Do not forget about the color of the eyes, because the makeup for gray eyes will not be the same as for brown.

Apply some foundation and guide to your face to prepare a base. Then, placed on some blush to highlight your cheekbones. Ensure you use a color tone similar to that of your skin. Do not use excessive of it though, it will only make you worry by the end of the day. Use your individuality to reveal yourself. We’re assuming that it will be a pretty busy day, so choose a light and fine makeup that will keep you at ease all throughout.

Perfect your complexion

for your baby shower, you’ll wish to have a radiant, glowing base for the rest of your makeup. Initially, use a makeup guide, to smooth any imperfections and increase the lifespan of your face makeup. Then, apply the Foundation utilizing a makeup mixer

Produce natural flush

once you have actually refined your base, it’s time to add some color to your cheeks.

Get your radiance

provide your radiant skin a boost with a little highlighter. Apply Highlighting Powder onto your cheekbones, the tip of your nose, and your cupid’s bow.

Increase your brows

you’ll want to keep your appearance natural yet glamorous, which indicates specifying your eyebrows in a subtle way. You can use a brow mascara to do simply that.

Grab your eye shadow

first, swipe the nude shade over your lid. Then, usage either medium brown hue to define your crease. Lastly, deepen your crease by using the darkest brown in the scheme to the external “V” of your crease.

Line away

given that all eyes will be on you, you can take your natural look up a notch with some winged eyeliner. If you understand the gender of your baby, feel free to include a pop of baby blue or pastel pink around the inner corner of your eye or along your lower lash line for a touch of effectiveness!

Coat your lashes

complete your eye makeup with a few coats of mascara.

Paint your pout

for your lipstick, keep things quiet in pink!

Color your lips

keep your lipstick basic with a barely-there naked shade

Do not forget about your shower hairstyle!

Now we have given you general recommendations for makeup. But the most expressive part of a girl’s face is, of course, the eyes.   Before you-instructions for creating a delicate and elegant eye makeup, which is easy to repeat yourself. This classic scheme of applying shadows is suitable for any eye shape.

Your Perfect Eyes

Baby Shower Makeup


Apply an eye shadow base to your eyelids. Paint the interstitial space with a black eye pencil. Highlight the inner corners of your eyes with light, glowing shadows.

Applying shadows: the first stage

Paint the mobile eyelid 2/3 with peach shadows with a shimmer texture, and leave the outer corner clean. Choose the color of the shadows as you wish. this step can be either matte or shiny, Nude, or rich. The main condition is that the shade should be lighter than the skin color. Use the same shadows to paint 2/3 of the lower eyelid, leaving the outer corner free.

Applying shadows: the second stage

Dark matte shade of shadows (again, any color will do, but always matte and dark) paint over the outer corners of the mobile eyelid, as well as one-third of the lower eyelid from the outside.

Applying shadows: the third stage

Use a matte shade of shadow, intermediate between 2 and 3 colors, to draw the crease of the upper eyelid and blend the dark shadows from the bottom. Start moving the brush from the outer corner of the eye, so that the maximum amount of pigment falls on this area.


If desired, add an arrow to the makeup, then paint the lashes with mascara

More Baby Shower Makeup Ideas

Attention to the lips

If you want to make the Central figure bright juicy lips, it is important not to overdo the rest of the makeup. Eyes, skin tone, eyebrows-everything should be done as naturally as possible, but clearly and accurately. If you compliment the image with red lipstick, the face should be just perfect. Be sure to use the makeup base to remove possible irregularities, pigments, and wrinkles. The tone must be just perfect, otherwise, the lipstick will look vulgar.

Use triangular sponges to carefully draw the lip line, leaving no chance for curved lines. Even if you choose a very persistent lipstick, it is better to draw the contour with a pencil. It will not let the gloss go out of bounds and visually make the lip line a little wider.

Focus on the eyes

When you are going to pick up a palette, it is better to think first about what shades will look good with different eye colors.

If you have blue eyes, the classic black “smoky eyes” may look especially impressive. It always makes the look expressive, gives the look depth and special charm. Reddish and chocolate shades will look beautiful. Since prom makeup can be described as evening makeup, you can add some bright pigments.

You can highlight your eyes not only with aggressive colors. Natural summer shades (such as soft purple or soft pink) combined with arrows will also achieve the desired effect.

If your eyes are green, noble wine and coffee shades can also brighten your eyelids. If it is better for blue-eyed graduates to use silver notes, then girls with “witch eyes” should give preference to gold inclusions.

Brown eyes can afford a lot. Color transitions from a light shade to a darker one will look very nice, and the main color can be almost any: yellow, red, blue, green, purple, brown or black.

The combination of contrasts – for example, red and blue-looks very original. However, it is important to choose shades, otherwise, you can become like a saleswoman from the 90s.

Don’t be afraid to experiment with matte and shimmer shadows. Glitter can be tricky, and can make makeup very “delicious”. The main thing – if you decide that the key moment on your face will be the eyes, do not forget to prepare the skin and use a primer before applying decorative colors. It not only enhances the color but also creates a beautiful ground, helping the shade to lie flat and blend strictly according to your plan.

Focus on the eyebrows

Now the ability to draw beautiful eyebrows is a real trend and art. It is the eyebrows that are responsible for the expression of our face. If you bet on them, don’t overdo your eye makeup.

You can combine the option of eyebrows + lips – just do not make everything the main thing. In this case, the makeup will “sink” into the elements, and you will almost certainly achieve the effect of looking much older than your age. It looks very vulgar.

If the accentuated make-up is not exciting, you like a natural daytime look, you can bet on textures.

Make sure to even out your face tone. To do this, you must first thoroughly clean the skin with micellar water or other means that removes dirt and excess fat well. Next, be sure to apply a moisturizer and give it a couple of minutes to absorb it.

When the preparatory stage is complete, take the basis. If you know how to do contouring, mix colors, draw cheekbones, and highlight the area under the eyes. The main thing is that the face does not look like a dirty rag. This is a dangerous technique, and not everyone can repeat it at home.

For ladies who are not fans of such makeup, it will be enough to apply a tone and add a little blush on the cheeks – perhaps even on the tip of the nose. The latter will make the image more playful, it looks very natural and cute.

For eyes, use Nude, pink, and other natural shades – just to properly distribute the shadows. Under the eyes, it is better to apply well-shaded dark colors, thanks to them, an additional shadow from the lashes will appear. In the center of the century, you can put a light dot of pearl shadows. This will make the look open and “fresh”.

Another trick that you can use is a white waterproof pencil. Apply it to the corner of your eye and draw a line to open your eyes. Just act carefully so that the cosmetics do not get on the mucous.

Top 5 Popular Makeup Styles

Without a doubt, all girls are different. There are people who are romantic, there are those who follow trends, there are rebels who go against the system – including in their own image. You can not just make a neat makeup, it is quite appropriate to have some specific styling:

1. Make-up in the Eastern style

A distinctive feature, of course, is the long arrows that give the look of something animal, daring. Now Brazilian TV series are back in fashion and with them the aesthetics of this kind. The main thing – do not turn into a Lady Gaga, stretching the arrows to the ears, because the East is a delicate matter.

2. The disco style

The first thing that comes to mind after these words are bright colors. Yellow, orange, light green, or blue – use all your favorite shades. The arrows may not only be black. If you have blue or gray eyes, the banana shade of eyeliner will make them look just fantastic. False eyelashes will help complete the image. Use bundles glued to the bottom of the eye to make huge eyes – like Twiggy’s.

3. Retro style

Many people know how gorgeous Dita von Teese looks. For twenty years, she has remained faithful to a very feminine style, which is ideal for both blondes and brunettes. Marble skin, not very long arrows in the form of eyes and juicy lips. If you want to add a bit of theatricality to the image, draw a fly over your lip or on your cheek.

4. Nude makeup

Very summer and easy to perform. While you are young, your face is still enlivened by natural colors, so to complete the image, it will only be enough to emphasize a little what you already have. A little sloppiness in the eyebrows, especially if they are thick, a little blush and gloss on the lips – and the image is ready. If you have dark lashes, you can not even apply mascara to them, just twist them with Curling tongs.

5. Greek style

If all the previous options do not inspire you, try to make up in the Greek style. As an example, Angelina Jolie in the movie “Alexander”. Her gaze is simply impossible to break away from, it is so attractive to him. Try it – you may also find this option close to you.


Practice your makeup. Even if you make a very simple makeup, try to implement the idea in advance. It is possible that what you see in the picture will not fit at all. Give yourself some time to correct your mistakes. For mom and dad, you will always be charming, but this is a subjective view. Take a selfie and look at yourself from the outside. Flaws may be more visible when viewed from the outside.

Nothing is more beautiful than a healthy sleep and proper nutrition. Rest the day before an important event, drink more water, and avoid sweet, too salty foods for at least 24 hours.

Shine in your finest hour and remember that the main decoration will be your smile, as well as radiant eyes.


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